It’s been far too long since I finished a musical project and released it to the world. However, here’s the old page for an EP I finished in 2014.

Path Dependence (2014)

Press for Path Dependence

“Drawing inspirations from Nicolas Jaar's emotional soundscapes and Vangelis's intoxicated sci-fi scores, Limits builds an ecstatic outer space groove that excels between skyscrapers, menacing streets and dirty figures, giving birth to a must listen imaginary soundtrack that haunts our minds and souls inside its minimalistic glory!”

- Sound Injections on “Limits”

“Fans of Caribou will enjoy New York-based artist Toph Allen's latest song, "Limits," a mellow but engrossing electronic track.”

- Pigeons and Planes on “Limits”

“Do you remember when Zero7 was at their peak? Do you remember when downbeat electronica had a place in your heart? Well, ‘Limits’ is tugging away at those strings begging you to accept the compositional bliss found within it’s more subdued artform.”

- Dingus, debuting “Limits”

“Toph’s new track ‘Limits’ seems to blend the ambient beauty of Boards of Canada with Röyksopp’s pop-laden underlying rhythms. Small additions – like the introduction of a synth arp around the two-minute mark and the haunting string flourishes a few moments later as that arp progresses – are brilliantly executed. … This is up there with some of the better instrumental electronica I’ve heard all year.

- Obscure Sound on “Limits”

“Great instrumental electronic music with a focus on melody and texture … It’s a real pleasure to listen!”

- Faeton Music on Path Dependence

Path Dependence Artwork.png